• Layout, themes and colours

    • Layout

      In the previous version, sometimes on page load the tiles would not line themselves up in the best way. For example, you might have one tile on the last row, when the previous row was full. Tiles may not be centred very well.

      The latest release addresses this point, with an experimental new feature, which uses JavaScript to calculate the best fit for the tiles on the particular user’s screen. When the page first loads for a given course, tiles are hidden momentarily. A “loading” icon is shown instead while the tiles are adjusted. This happens very quickly (less than half a second) and then the tiles appear. If the user comes back to the course again, they will see the tiles straight away as the best fit is already known (it will be forgotten on log out).

      There is a site administrator setting to activate or deactivate the feature.


      • The primary intended theme is “Boost” (the main Moodle theme).
      • Other major themes should also work (e.g. Essential, Moove, Adaptable, Clean).
      • Some enhancements for non-Boost themes were made in this version (e.g. display issues fixed in Moove and Adaptable fixed, animation fixed in RemUI).


      It was always possible for an administrator to define the colour palette available to teachers, to make sure that the available colours matched the theme.

      Teacher colour picker:

      Teacher colour picker

      Now, if the administrator changes the set of available colours, they can force that change onto all existing courses in bulk.

      Reset all course colours